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To ensure that your time with us is as smooth and trouble-free as possible (and to save yourself from receiving a 10 foot banner with the work "Jerk" hidden in the background) please review our artwork submission guidelines below. They outline what type of artwork we prefer and what file types we prefer them in.

Whenever possible we prefer all customer supplied artwork to be vector based, as opposed to pixel based.

Vector based artwork refers to images created using lines, points, curves and shapes that are based on mathematical equations. Vector artwork can be scaled up and down without impacting resolution and clarity, whereas pixel based artwork generally cannot.

Pixel based artwork is comprised of many tiny points of color (or pixels) that are arranged in a grid pattern to simulate an image. This type of graphic can typically be scaled down without loss of picture quality, but when scaled up can appear "blocky", or pixilated, depending on the original image's quality (see below).

We also ask that all fonts(text) be converted to outlines (made into shapes instead of editable text) before you send us any files.

Acceptable File Types From Most to Least Desirable:

Also, whenever possible please be sure that all files submitted are in the CMYK color mode, not RGB.

To put it simply, the RGB color mode (red, green and blue) is used by monitors and other devices to display images, whereas CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is used by printers to produce images. The two have many colors in common, but there are some RGB colors that cannot be reproduced in CMYK. If you are unable to dictate which color mode your file is in please be aware that some colors in the final product may differ from your original artwork.

Please be advised that should it become necessary to recreate your artwork, a design fee may be applied to your order.

To upload your files to our FTP site, please click Here (password required).